Tuesday, September 18, 2012

top ventriloquist makers and figure dealers

If you are wanting to buy a good ventriloquist figure but you just don't know what the best ventriloquist dummy builders are?
than here are some of the top ventriloquist makers.

The top two best figure makers and figure making company is:

here is a video of the figures he makes
the maker of these ventriloquist dummies is named Timothy Selberg.

These figures are really expensive but when you get them you will know that the ventriloquist dummies were worth that value.

The next company tied with selbergstudios.com  
is puppetsandprops.com which figures are made by Mike Brose.
Mike Brose really knows how to make really high quality ventriloquist dummies.

here is a video of the puppetsandprops.com figures.

These are the last two good figure makers that I know.
the second to last dealer and figure maker is a person named Kenny Croes.
you might has seen him in the youtube videos of vent into the mic.
here is his website where he makes his figures.
and this is his ventriloquist blog

here is a video of one of his figure
this is just one figure he made, if you go to youtube.com and you type in Kenny Croes, you will get many videos of figures he has made.

and the last place which you can buy figures is at throwthings.com
this company sells many figures and different movements in each figure.
here is a video of throwthings.com dummies.
I really recommend getting one of these figures if you are just a beginner and want to learn ventriloquism.

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